Briefing Daily

  • Tue 22 September 2020

    ASIC demands fund managers be "true to label"; RBA flags uneven, "slow grind" of a recovery; and how early access widens the superannuation gender gap.

  • Mon 21 September 2020

    CBA launches a budgeting tool for impulsive millennials; the big four weigh in on the troubled aged care sector; and investment managers pocket A$240 billion in superannuation fees over two decades.

  • Thu 17 September 2020

    NAB moves its business platform on to the cloud; RBA data elucidates lending trends; and Treasury tackles the relief-funded profit phenomenon.

  • Wed 16 September 2020

    AUSTRAC fines State Street for unreported transfers; Consumer Action slams federal inaction on consumer leases and payday lenders; and the FSU demands more information on Suncorp's restructure.

  • Tue 15 September 2020

    The RBA's currency concerns continue; the aged care royal commission looks into reverse mortgages; and buy now, pay later will be allowed for solar panels after an Australian Competition Tribunal ruling.

  • Mon 14 September 2020

    AIST and ISA double down in the raging superannuation debate; NAB ordered to pay A$57.5 million penalty for charging fees for no service; and Labor questions "mismanagement" of Covid-19 relief programs.

  • Fri 11 September 2020

    NAB and ​Westpac's turn for​ a committee grilling; ​CBA ​follows NAB in launching 'interest free' credit card; and the ​ALRC​ to inquire into financial services laws.

  • Thu 10 September 2020

    'McCarthyist' interrogations and 'hysteria' at superannuation hearing; consumer groups call for permanent insolvency relief; and NAB ditches credit card interest.

  • Wed 9 September 2020

    APRA responds to submissions on Covid-19-impacted loans; ABS figures point to a boost in home and property loans; and how mergers drive down fees for superannuation funds.

  • Tue 8 September 2020

    ADI profits down 23.5% on last year; APRA and the RBA to direct banks to buy up government debt; and ANZ wants bigger deposits for high-risk postcodes.

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